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: Hope and Happiness

We are devoted to promoting environmental sustainability and cultivating a deep connection to traditional culture and arts. Through our creative endeavors and business ventures, we strive to inspire hope and happiness in the lives of individuals.



: Jamjarin

Jamjarin is an eco-friendly fairy character who exemplifies love for nature and living in harmony with it. She raises awareness about environmental issues and actively works towards sustainable environmental protection.

The colors utilized in Jamjarin's character design, including yellow, yellow-green, and green, are all associated with nature. Yellow represents the sun and warmth, yellow-green symbolizes vitality and plants, while green signifies the refreshing essence of nature. This color combination conveys the values of embracing and harmoniously coexisting with nature in an environmentally friendly manner. The use of these colors reflects Jamjarin's aspiration to love nature and contribute to making people's lives delightful.

Jamjarin's character combines eco-friendliness with the fusion of Korean traditional 'Dancheong patterns' and Western culture, particularly represented by 'Tarot content'. By incorporating Dancheong patterns, she embraces the beauty and philosophy of Korean tradition, while integrating Tarot content to showcase the symbols and predictive nature of Western culture. This fusion allows Jamjarin's character to embody the charm of diverse cultures and provide people with fresh perspectives and inspiration.

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: Eco-friendly

Dancheong, one of Korea's traditional patterns, involves using natural pigments to directly dye abstracted forms of animals, plants, and the universe. This pattern has a deep association with the environmentally friendly natural surroundings.

We create eco-friendly themed NFT designs that combine Korea's eco-friendly pattern 'Dancheong' with the eco-friendly fairy character, Jamjarin. These designs include Jamjarin's logo, eco-friendly slogans, and Dancheong patterns. Through this initiative, we aim to encourage both domestic and international audiences to take an interest in and actively participate in eco-friendly campaigns, raise awareness and consciousness about environmental protection, and promote the beauty and value of Jamjarin and Dancheong.



: NFT Art

We issue eco-friendly themed NFTs featuring Jamjarin as the central character. These NFT artworks revolve around nature and environmental themes. A portion of the revenue generated is donated towards sustainable environmental protection.




: Tarot Guidance

Through our YouTube channel, JJR, we provide Tarot reading services with Jamjarin as the featured character. We also integrate a low-carbon green life campaign to promote environmental awareness. Additionally, we operate the Tarot Academy, offering Tarot education.

Our goal is to empower individuals to discover themselves and grow through the wisdom of Tarot. Tarot provides insights and guidance for life's questions, enabling people to live more consciously. We strive to support individuals in finding positive transformations and inner strength through Tarot, fostering personal success and happiness.



: Partnership

Our objective is to bring joy and inspiration to people through Jamjarin's character. We actively seek meaningful partnerships from a business perspective as well. We engage in various collaborative activities, including the development of products, events, and campaigns. We aim to integrate the values and brand of Jamjarin's character with our partner companies.

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